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Courier Companies: The Honeymoon Stage

Courier Companies, the Honeymoon Stage, and the Seven Things You Need to Know


Some courier companies will service a new customer to death in the first few months of their business relationship, but once they feel that they are secure with a customer, they begin to take the “partnership” for granted and start providing shoddy service.

If you feel that your express courier company is leaving you with a rotten bill of goods once they have gotten to know you well, then you are not alone.

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Read on to learn how you can keep the honeymoon stage alive, or find a way to exit what has become a dead relationship with your courier companies.

Courier Companies: When the Honeymoon Is Over

You may feel that you were once the prize, but you are now despised.

When the courting stage has passed, you may find that your courier has become slack to pick up your delivery and snail-like to deliver it.

Courier Companies | Trucking Companies | Edmonton AB | Honeymoon Stage | Fast Lane Transport

1. They may fall into a false sense of a self-assured position, or they simply don’t care; once they have your account, they don’t believe that you will “file for divorce” and part ways.

2. This bad service attitude can also occur once the trucking company finds that they aren’t receiving as much work as they had hoped they would. The sad truth is that some drivers and couriers become aloof to customers when they do not feel that they are making as much money from them as they had dreamed for.

3. Courier companies with integrity treat all of their customers alike regardless of their expenditures; all should receive the utmost respect and consistent level of professional service while demonstrating that they are happy doing so. They should be sincerely thankful for the opportunity to serve you irrespective of the volume of business you provide.

How NOT to Be Just Another Pretty Face

Now that you know some of the problems to watch for, how can you ensure that you won't become just another pretty face?

Truthfully, there is no perfect guarantee that courier companies won't drop the ball, but there are some steps you can take to remedy a deteriorating situation including:

4. Contact your courier to let them know that you are dissatisfied with their service. Few people ever voice their displeasure to the source for any type of service company.

5. Keep track of problems including if a driver has been rude or if the company has been displaying a pattern of showing up late or holding back on deliveries. That’s your cue to look for a new business partner.

6. If you convey to your new express courier that you that you plan on holding them to their initial service and rate agreements — by contract or otherwise — then you are less likely to be disappointed later on. If they do not agree to your terms in advance, then move on to another service provider who will. 

Courier Companies | Trucking Companies | Edmonton AB | Honeymoon Stage | Fast Lane Transport

7. Expect to pay a fair rate for good service. The old adage that “you get what you pay for” applies here. Getting a steal on rates can invite shoddy service as the company looks for ways to trim costs to sustain the low charges, most always at your expense. If a courier company offers you rates that are below the industry average to get you hooked, you can duly expect service problems if you take to their bait.


Changing courier companies is by no means a small order for large corporations with the numerous factors involved making the switch.

Many people do not like change, however, staying with a courier company that is damaging your reputation is a dead business killer.

In the end, once the transition has been made to a new delivery company, regular communication can ensure that the business relationship stays fresh and that none take the other for granted.

Much like a successful marriage is dependent on open and honest communication, a business relationship will only thrive if both parties are interested in seeing that it succeeds.